Test your memorization and orientation skills


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CUPath is a difficult mental skill-based game that challenges your mind in a very unique way: you have to memorize a path inside a 3D cube that’s randomly generated. Then, you’ll see the same path all jumbled up and you have to try to rearrange it to make it look just like you saw it the first time.

You can customize the cube by adding or deleting chambers and try to solve the 10 different difficulty levels. CUPath is the perfect game for mental challenge lovers! Even when you’re playing with the minimum number of chambers and in level one, solving the cube could be a real challenge.

Adjust the memorizing time and the solving time and try to beat your own records. You can play on your own or against your friends to show them that you have more mental skills than any one. CUPath is a game that offers new and original techniques that everyone is sure to love.
By Erika Okumura
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